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Bodyline Contacts- Held up by Customs

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  First- I did use the search engine to see if there were similar posts, and there was this:  http://community.livejournal.com/egl/12612561.html, which mirrors my own problem, but with contacts. I contacted Bodyline about it saying:  
"Hello, I ordered contact lenses on Tuesday,
10/27/09, and they were supposed to arrive 10/30/09, but did not. Today, 11/02/09, I received an email from DHL saying that my package had arrived, but was on hold by customs because it needs to have verified the FDA registration number, Medical Device number, and the PMN (510K) number... All of which you need to provide.

Can you provide this information? Otherwise they are going to send my package back to you November 7th, 11/07/09.

I have attached the document they sent to me, showing what needs to be given in order for me to receive my package."
And they replied with: 

"Dear customer,

  Thank you for contacting us,

  We can not provide these documents for single product.

  1, If you are urgent, you can pay tax get the package early.
  2, If you are not urgent, reject the package please. The package will return us.
  We will send it again, the round delivery fee and redelivery fee will be paid by BODYLINE.
  You will not pay any extra fee. But it take about 1 week. "

 What does this mean? I have no idea what the fore mentioned "tax" is, and if I decided with option number 2, wouldn't I run into the same problem again when it makes it's way back here?
I also want to point out that I found out that the contacts were not sold in pairs (via. the Bodyline contacts post not too long ago), And I ordered a mate for one with a bag my sister wanted and I had no problems there. 
Another thing-- Unlike the clothing problem (in the above link), I was conacted by the "Clearance Support Specialist"  at DHL's L.A. location via email saying : 
Please be advised that this shipment is on hold by customs.We need to get validation of ss#, fda registration#, medical device listing#, pmn(510K#). You will need to contact your manufacturer for the fda information. The return date of your shipment is Nov 7 if information is not received. Thanks 
And I responded:
Hello, I received an email from you earlier to day about my package, and that it was on hold because I need to validate an FDA registration number, Medical Device listing number, and PMN (510K) number. I have no problem providing those, as it needs to be provided by the importer, but I am a bit hesitant providing my social via fax/ providing my social in general.Is it possible to go to the DHL location and provide my information there?
You can give it to us in person if you want. We would still need to get all The other information to clear customs. Please let me know. Thanks.Please type or hand write the requested information on the attach invoice if any information is required. 
Do I even want to do this? Or should I just fess up to my parents that I bought contacts over the interwebs(le gasp) and now I'm having issues with the government over it. EGL, I need your help BIG TIME.

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