Floz (floziskira) wrote in egl,

Sax Blue, and what it means

Hey there lolis! Sorry if this has been brought up before, but I searched and didn't find anything so I couldn't resist posting to ask about this.

I've always wondered what 'sax blue' meant, admittedly I'm a bit of a newbie so perhaps this is common knowledge to most lolitas? I'd also seen the colour referred to as sachs blue but I was still like wtf is sachs blue...

Only today, when looking on AP's website at the 'Decoration ribbon jumper JSK' did I finally find out what it meant! "Goldman Sachs" blue, ie the colour of the Goldman Sachs logo!
To me this was quite a revelation, but I'm guessing the majority of you already knew this? Unless I'm totally wrong of course... But it does say Pink x Goldman Sachs as a colour option!

What I wanted to know is, are there other instances of this in lolita clothing? Personally I think it's dead funny to name a colour after a company logo! Are there any prints or anything which refer to other company names? I'm just curious as I think it's an amusing idea! xx

Sorry for my stupidity, it's actually saxon blue! Dunno why I failed at finding this when I searched EGL, but either way it's good to know =D Thanks for your help! xx
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