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General Question about Mashimaro Girl, and Qutieland Shopping services

Hello girls, I just have a general question about these two services, or probably, shopping services in general.

At the end of August I ordered from both Mashimaro Girl and Qutieland, from Mashimaro for their Faux Fur Boot 33056116, and from Qutieland their Classical Lolita Coat. It's been a little over a month, and winter is fast approaching. I heard from Qutieland about a week and a half ago, that their coat orders were running behind due to the large amount of coats that were ordered, which is completely understandable. However I heard nothing from Mashimaro Girl on my order, and only come to find out today after my email got kicked back by an automatic responce email that "Fei and Liang will be traveling to China to check up on our new facilities and to oversee the production of the final versions of the Lucky Miki releases. Because of this, responses may be slower than usual for orders and inquiries. Please be patient with us during this time! We thank you for your understanding."

This too is understandable, but I never received an email notification, and never knew that they even posted this as an update.

So my question is, about how long (aside from the fact of the coats) does it usually take, or rather take you, to get the items you order?

I am just wondering in general because both never gave me a time line on how long I would have to wait for the items. (Please bare in mind the only custom ordered item were the boots, and that was only the color being changed)

I have been ripped off quite a bit in the past, so I tend to get a little anxious when it comes to things like these...so please bare with me -laughs-

Clarification, I am not worried about them ripping me off, I just get anxious because I have been in the past, so about after a month I go "Omfg...where me items?"...but I don't think either are ripping me off -laughs-

EDIT: So I got an email later tonight stating this:

We just checked with the manufacturer and they have not shipped your boots yet.  We are doing are best to urge them to ship as soon as possible.
Thank you very much."

Anyone else starting to think this "the manufacture has not shipped it yet" a very common recurring theme? I understand it;s the busy time of year for items like this, but it even seems that for out of season items, and things they already claim to have in stock, get this a lot...makes me wonder really...

But hey....at least they gave me that much information after asking.

EDIT 2: (clarifications thanks to Quiteland)

I made a mistake with dates, and did not clarify that my Quiteland order was at the begging of October, and that Mashimaro Girls order was at the end of August. So sorry to Quiteland for the mistake and confusion.

Quiteland was also able to clarify that the making days for the boots I ordered are 40-45 working days, not 30, so I think there is a huge mistake there with Mashimaro Girls "make time' that they provide....

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