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November Theme: Musical outfits~*

Hi girls!
November aesthetic theme is one of my favourites ever! Musical note are like a  fetish for me xD so I decided to do this post of our outfits showing though it is an article of musical clothes. It doesn't matter if in your outfit are only one musical note garment, will be perfect too!

This are mine:
  Simple Black and white

Skirt and Cutsew: made by me ^^'
Socks: Socks dreams.
Headdress: Angelic Pretty
Bag: Bodyline
Shoes: offbrand

Piano!! *O* (please, omit the horrible background XD)
My mom take me this pic (:

Skirt and overskirt: made by me (:
Blouse: made by my mom :P
Cardigan: Opposite
Socks: NRG energy
Headdres: Angelic Pretty (the same  one of the previous photo XD i really luv it!)
Shoes: Montreal

I really love this AP headdres, it was my first brand item ♥

And the last one is in pink!

Jsk, mini hair bow and blouse: made by me :)
Bag: Bodyline
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Azaleia

Let's Share your musical outfits!! :D
Kisses for all of you! :*

p.d. sorry for my poor english D:
Tags: media: photos, theme: november

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