cidien (cidien) wrote in egl,

The Lolita At SFU


There is a cute lolita I have seen now twice at SFU and I was wondering if she was on EGL. Id like to meet her,  to hang out if she wants, but if not than nothing more  than just to say how cute I think her outfits are and how I think its really neat that she wears it to school, more guts than I have.
Also if there are other lolitas who attend SFU, Howdy! Id like to meet you too!

The girl I have see twice now:
First time, at Columbia station (last month) waiting for the train with a friend, she was wearing casual lolita. A black and white princess skirt (I think),  striped socks and black bow shoes.
The second time was today, leaving Production Way heading west. Wearing a very cute black and white jacket with ruffling on the bottom and a bow in the front. Black and white stripped socks and white boots.

I am sorry if this isn't quite the place to post this, I just wanted to know who the girl was, or if there are other SFU loli.


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