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Suggestions for Shoes - Ouji/Dandy Style?

Hello! Please pardon the naivety of this question; it's probably a simple one to veterans of the style/community.

Recently I've been doing research into the different styles and have decided the boystyle (more so the dandy, not kodona) will probably be my favorite. I've researched as much as google will allow me to, but from what I've gathered, the boystyles aren't as popular yet as the lolita styles (at least in the west, or on English sites), so I've been having trouble finding info about that one little (but rather important as you know) thing.

Yeah, the shoes. Heheh, it seems silly, but I can't figure out just what the perfect shoes are for the more mature boystyles. Boots seem like too much (and I would probably end up wearing them under slacks anyway), the standard high-heeled-with-straps mary janes seem too feminine/baby doll ish, and...well, I'm lost. Most of the scans I've looked up aren't clear enough for me to see what I'm looking for as well.

So after that long winded background, basically what I am asking is, does anyone have any knowledge on this subject that they could share? I'm just looking for the right style of shoes to invest in. Any vague or specific suggestions would be most appreciated.

Thank you very much!
Tags: discussion: boystyle, request: site recs/reviews
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