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Houston, Texas - Oni-con 2009 Photo Post!

This weekend, on Halloween, I went to Oni-con. I actually had a really good time! I met up with Sarah (grimy13 ) for the majority of the day, and wandered around. We hit the dealers' rooms (one of which had a sign over a rack of Bodyline that read "BODYLINE BRAND FROM JAPAN! Genuine lolita clothing, NOT KNOCK-OFF LOLITA CLOTHES!" or something to that effect; I laughed my ass off, Sarah took a photo. The other had a booth that was either selling, or run by, Lolita Kisama. It hurt my eyes. A lot; some girls were actually buying that overpriced stuff, too. I wanted so badly to warn them, but it seemed unfair to ruin their fun). We saw a lot of lolitas at the convention, including a few very sweet girls in the dealers' room.

To the lovely gothic lolita who gave me candy and complimented my fangs, YOU ROCK! I wish I had gotten a photo/your name/username if you have one. If you're reading this, let me know! :D

We also ran into a lot of cosplayers. Enough of this silly chat, though! On to the photos!

The numbering is goofy because the rest of the photos are mostly cosplay related. They're on my journal in another entry.

I took several photos like this from the elevator, but this one was still fairly early in the day. The floor was pretty crowded, but not packed yet. Later in the afternoon, I could barely walk across the lobby there were so many bodies crammed in there. It was pretty hard to get around after a while.

When faced with the realization that there was no brand to be had at the convention, Sarah turned to hard drugs to get her high! .. in reality, that's a pen that says "SAY NO TO DRUGS!" that I had in my purse. She was trying to freak out some of her roommates.

... it worked.

Sarah and one of her roommates for the weekend! I cannot for the life of me remember her name, but she was a riot. While examining my dress, she poked me in the side and proclaimed "ARE YOU WEARING A CORSET?!" very loudly. I wasn't quite sure what to say. My answer got a "lucky bitch!" and another poke...

This dress has been asked about repeatedly on egl , so I figured showing how it looks on a real person might be a good idea. ;) Definitely not a lolita outfit, even if HotTopic wishes it were, but it's really cute as a witch costume!

Right after I took this, a very nice gentleman (with an even nicer camera) advised me to use my sunshade. I always forget I have it, since I'm inside so much, but I gave it a shot. It'd be nice if I had a diffuser on my flash, too. But. Alas. :<

This girl was standing in line for the larger of the two dealers' rooms. I had seen her elsewhere a few times, and was digging her corset, so I asked for a photo!

On the way back inside, we ran into this little darling! She was getting ready for a panel (I assume). Her companion stood off to one side with her doll and a box that looked rather heavy. They were both incredibly patient with me, as shown by ...

... the fact that she let me chase her down again for a photo with a fellow Gloomy-aficionado. She apparently came all the way from Austin for the convention, and I really regret not having gotten her name or username or anything.

After running into Optimus, we ran into ourselves. I was highly amused by the fact that we were such a contrast for once, so we took a picture.

... mirror/window shots should always otherwise be avoided, kids. Remember. >_>;

After eating a delicious lunch at Chili's (and being hugged by a random con-goer who liked my dress), Sarah and I found this spiffy fountain outside of a Marble Slab Creamery. :D

Camwhoring ensued, as usual...


I really love this photo of Sarah. She just looks so serene and pretty!

... and I am totally not a dirty pervert. I just really thought the reflections from the water were nifty looking!

Sadly, the truth about my costume came out while Sarah was taking these pictures ...

... I'm no dunpeal ...

... nor am I an Elegant Gothic Lolita Vampire Aristocrat ...

I am the product of Stephanie Meyer's morbid fascination with glitter, a Toilet Twinkle Twilight vampire. Goddamn, look at that glow!

Having said that, at least I have kick-ass shoes and tights!

After picking up my camera bag from her hotel room where I'd stashed it, I walked Sarah very sadly to her car. She had to return home for the day and go to work, like a good and productive citizen.

Me? I went back to meandering the convention, snapping photos as I went!

Completely random, but I met Avery (tragicvanity ) while wandering around! She kept me company (in between bursts of "OMFG! I NEED HIS/HER PHOTO!") while I waited for Sen (mikachanyo ) to get out of her panels.

We also ran into a few other lolitas! They were in a hurry, so I didn't manage to get names or usernames. If you're on here and want to be recognized/named, please let me know. :)

You were both adorable!

After a while, however, Avery had to go. Her friends were waiting, so Sen and I stuck it out alone! Her new skirt was way too cute, very Halloween and absolutely adorable. :3

A very cute little lolita I ran into in the lobby!

And another! Thought, technically, I didn't run into this one so much as run towards this one...

This lovely lady was running a booth in the artists' alley, so I didn't get to take a photo of her until I was rushing out the door! She was very kind to pose for me, though!

Another lolita I kept seeing all day, but only got to hurridely snap at the very end as I was leaving. Ack!

Thank you for looking at my photos! I hope you enjoyed them!
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