Addie Sebastienne (petite_berri) wrote in egl,
Addie Sebastienne

The name "Lolita"

Now, I know you're all thinking "Oh no, not another one of these dreaded posts where a new loli, or maybe an older one, asks why we have to share a name with that book." Well, this is not one of those posts. I've seen plenty of those posts, and all of the common answers, most of which deny any connection to the book and the name, but I've also seen one, fairly recently, that suggests that the name is after the young heroine, Dolly "Lolita" Haze, herself. But I've never seen anyone point this out before.

About 2 months ago, I actually started readng 'Lolita" by Vladmir Nabokov. Why? Actually, because I wanted to see what "outsiders" see and think of when wecall ourselves "lolitas". (I ended up quitting about half-way through, because I'm only 4 and frankly, it's not appropriate for me. Not to mention, it was giving me headaches.) But I happened to notice something, something very interesting, that I've never seen a lolita point out before.

*The following section will make absolutely no sense if you haven't read the book.*

Right after Charolette, Dolly's mother, passes away, Humbert calls the camp Dolly is at, Camp Q, and arranges to pick her up early. They tell him to be there in the afternoon of the following day. So that leaves him in a city, with nothing to do for an entire day before picking up his sought-after stepdaughter from Camp Q. So what does old Humbert Humbert do? He goes shopping. What does he buy? (Anyone who's answer was X-rated, more power to ya.) Clothes for Dolly.

In the book, it describes the clothing as

"...generously full skirts... well-fitted tops...."

Now, is it just me, or does this sound exactly like our beloved frills?

I'm not trying to offend anyone, but what I'm saying is, whoever decided to name this fashion Lolita (I believe it was "Mana-sama"?) probably remembered (or just found) this part of the classic novel, and deemed it fitting. I find it hard to believe n such a perfect coincidence. It just makes sense. So, with that being said, all of us would be "Dressed like Lolita", which makes the fashion "Lolita", making us Lolitas.


EDIT: Never mind. Seriously, never mind. I was actually already aware that fashion in the 50's looked somewhat like this anyway, I was more or less trying to make a point. And not to mention, some of you seem to think I was sure it was Mana that names Lolita. I said "I believe".... I honestly had no clue, nor do I really want to know who named it.

Also, that was a typo. I'm 14, not 4. My keyboard sticks sometimes.

So please stop with the comments. I got it: You already all know and (more-or-less) don't care.
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