nessaneko (nessaneko) wrote in egl,

November themes

Hi guys, as it's now a couple of days into November it's time for a new theme. The winning Banner Art piece is this lovely musical-themed picture by xmordecaix, and our themes this month have drawn inspiration from it.

The General Theme for November is Hair and Makeup!
Inspired by the gorgeous piano-key bonnet, hairbow, rose corsage and lovely lilac hair in this month's banner art, the theme this month calls for your favourite hair and makeup styles. Are you an OTT sweet lolita who loves to fill your hair with bows and sparkle, a classic lolita who can wear a bonnet like the best of the Victorians, or perhaps a gothic lolita who can rock a smoky eye makeup look like a professional makeup artist? Show us your beautiful hair and makeup looks, favourite hairpieces and how-to tutorials.

The Aesthetic Theme for November is Music!
Musical themes abound in lolita style, from violin-case bags to gorgeous prints of musical instruments, notes and piano keys. Do you play an instrument? What music do you love that evokes the feel of lolita for you? Get out your music box and show us how you use music as a theme or inspiration.

We'd love to see how you all interpret these themes. The journal style will be up in a few days once emiko has done the theming.

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