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Discussion posts oh boy!

Bodyline seems to be making a very nested home here in egl. With lots of reviews and picture posts we get to learn of Bodyline's quality and improvements and we also get to learn of their not-so-grand products either.

It seems as though a lot of people have a problem with Bodyline specifically. The question is, is it because it's not a major lolita brand? Is it because the quality is shoddy? Is it because the designs are bad? Or is it because you personally want to be covered in brand labels?

I have heard some horror stories about some of the major brands print dresses. Colors running on prints, bad construction, etc. Knowing these things we as lolitas still often revere brands is being the top dogs in this fashion. For the cost of a dress, we expect more than runny non-colorfast prints, but that is usually what you end up getting. Does that make the 'brand-buyer' better than the girl who doesnt spend an arm and a leg for a printed dress?

Some people say it's the quality. Bodyline's dresses are made of thinner material (usually), often not lined, a bit cheaper lace on certain pieces. But, bodyline also doesn't overcharge for these things. Their prices are fair for their products, you get what you pay for. To me it seems like a very fair deal, but to some girls the pricing of their clothing has doomed bodyline to be seen forever as a "cheap" knock-off site.

What this all boils down to is, what makes brand better than bodyline? Is it really the quality or is it just that embroidered label?
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