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Bodyline Review Time! (image heavy)

So i took advantage of the MR YAN FURIOUS SALE and bought some nice things (this was my second purchase from bodyline, first purchase of their clothing.

First, Communication i put N/A , because i wasnt the one ordering the package, my boyfriend was, so he did all the communicating  XD

Shipping 4/5, I never saw the box it was sent in, but apparently it had a few dents in it. I ordered it on Sunday (last sunday) and it came to my bf's house Wednesday! But no one was home, so they had to wait a couple days. I actually got it from him on saturday.

Now for the contents!

I bought these shoes: http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showProduct.asp?id=2271&pageNumber=1&pageStop=stop_4&noSubType=N
In pink.

I ordered a size 26 of them, and they fit perfectly! (better than my last experience with a certain *cough*heart buckle *cough* shoe we dare not speak of.)

I love the ruffle and flower on top of the shoe, and the straps look adorable! The only problem is:how do you close these things! >.< there so confuzing! (if anyone knows how to close them, please tell me )

Now for me wearing them!

Overall: 9.8/10 (.2 off for no knowledge for closing shoes)

Now, i also bought this skirt: http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showProduct.asp?id=2396&pageNumber=1&pageStop=stop_11&noSubType=N

I love this skirt! its so cute with all the sweets in the bottom of it! It did come a bit wrinkly T.T ill just have to steam it though.

its a bit snug on my waist, but i think a bit of stretching will do good.

it has a zipper on the side, with hook and eye. (which dont look that well fastened on.....)

the long pieces of material, you can either make a bow with them in the back (like in the stock photo) or you can remove them. (such cute heart buttons *.* )

I like the bow on the front, but it isnt detatchable, and i was thinking of using it on my head too XDD (bow, meet my scissors MUHAHAH)

When i tried it on, it did come a bit short on me though..... but thats fine.

Overall: 8/10

Next, i bought this bag, in black:http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showProduct.asp?id=3129&pageNumber=1&pageStop=stop_1&noSubType=N

My blind eye decieved me when i first saw this bag.... the stock photo to me looked like it was a nice sturdy rain-proof material (synthesis leather XD ) but its just cotton.

The material looks a bit.... washed. It looks like the musical notes are bleeding out =(

Its a nice size, can fit many things.

The zipper is really sturdy too.

Overall: 7/10.
Recommend it, if you want a nice cheap bag.

Last, just because, i bought a little 1$ hair clip T.T hey, its a dollar XD

Overall: 8/10.

I love Bodyline now, after what i heard about them not having good quality things ^.^ I wish to buy from them again.
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