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Just 'cuz I'm curious...

Did any lolita here attend to this year's Vampire Lestat Fan Club Ball? In lolita, or not? Has anyone here gone to any of the VLFC balls hosted on previous years?

I couldn't go because I live far away from the United States. ;_;  I think this year's ball was called Tru Blood and Gold (idk if that was a theme too), and last year's theme was Queen of the Damned.

I've seen pictures of previous VLFC parties, however, I've never seen people dressed up in lolita-but-with-a-touch-of-vampire kind of outfits, nor I've recognised people from this community and just wanted to know if anyone's been there, dressed up in lolita, and of course I want to read about anyone's experiences in the Vampire Lestat Fan Club ball!

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