friezaess (friezaess) wrote in egl,

I see a white swan and I want to paint it blue

Oh dearest egl , I need your help.

As many of us know, brand prints and water are not always a winning combination. I found this out first hand the other day when my Swan Lake print from Meta somehow made it into the wash. Horror ensued.

The blue dye ran and turned my sweet little flock of waterfowl from pure white to a bluish mess, as well as everything else that was white except for the lace. I've been browsing through this community and various other websites to find a way to restore whiteness to this gathering of mutated bluebirds, but to no avail. Heart = broken :(

Is it a write-off? (Keep in mind Austfailia doesn't have a lot of the ingenious cleaning products that you find in the US.)


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