missmasyumaro (missmasyumaro) wrote in egl,

I was wondering.. Is there any trick to keeping pet hair from clothing?

For example.. I just got my new dress in the mail and had it out for maybe ten minutes, trying to be SUPER careful about where I was while wearing it in my house before I left. I even used tons of lint roll sheets to get all the hair I could see off of my dress. But when I got to lunch with my mum, I still had fur everywhere.

Is there any tricks any of you know of? Maybe a static reducing type spray? XD I just can't seem to get rid of most of it, as I can by a simple lint roll on my regular clothing.
Somehow, it picks up way more hair than any of my regular clothing.. Even with me keeping it inside out and pushing them straight in to my basically hair-free closet.

Thank you so much for all your help~!

Thank you ALL <3 I think it may have been static from the bag. I'll try all the helpful hints :3
Tags: discussion: clothing care
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