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Oh Milanoo. Your promise of free shipping, one week processing, and even a subtle reference of your appreciation for the timeless classic It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. How easily I fell in love with your reasonable prices. Though of course, I knew you had to be frontin' with those stolen stock photos, come on guys.

So, I took advantage of a free shipping deal. On September 29th I ordered and paid for this blouse in the XXL. Everything cleared and then it was up to me to wait, with processing time estimated at a week and shipping time estimated at a week.

TWO WEEKS LATER I was still at processing, so Peggy and I talked about it and she assured me it would be sent out immediately.

Anyway. They shipped it on October 14th, and I got it as promised on October 22nd. Sweet deal...?

So I opened it up and tried it on.



Holy. Lace. Batman. I'll give everyone the same advice that is given for ordering from F+F and Momo's- avoid the shit out of lace.

Honestly, though, besides that, it fit alright considering I was wearing two shirts under it as well in these photos. It did gape a little at the bust, but I'm used to that. Corset backing that was easily loosened (and I'll probably replace the simple satin ribbon with grosgrain), and it really could have used an extra button at the bottom (easily fixed).

Lace on the collar:


Two glorious rows of deathlace. Also the collar was given a point and not rounded; I'll probably fix that as well.


Lace detail and pintucks on the sleeves; see those brown marks? Yep. But the pintucks were done pretty well. And of course those marks can probably wash out yadda yadda.


Buttonhole with a blue mark; one of the buttonholes wasn't cut all the way so I had to do that to button it up.


Brown lines among the armhole...

Also, the long sleeves were not detachable

Once again, something easily altered as they are kind of long on me anyway.

I paid $32 overall, and besides the twice-as-long processing time, it's not bad for something to wear under JSKs and the like.

Overall I would give their communication a 5/5 as 'Peggy' IF THAT IS YOUR REAL NAME was very polite and it only took a few minutes to get hold of her.
Processing itself gets a 2/5 because it is, after all, Halloween season.
It shipped on time- 5/5
Fit- 4/5

I would probably order from Milanoo again, but in a custom size and avoid items without lace. Another website that is probably good to order with plenty of time in advance just in case.

Now, I may be biased in this review because theosakaneko is a Michigan loli and she's awesome. A couple months ago she was looking around for someone to draw up a quick draft of her heart logo, and I took it on. In exchange she sent me some white grosgrain hair ties :3

A letter of thanks:

The ties with card AND MY DESIGN woop (that you can't see anyway! Go go inconsistent camera powers!):

Back of the ties:

The only thing I'm worried about with these ties is if the hairtie itself breaks. It won't be her fault, just poor manufacturing which is something I'm used to in hairties (my hair regularly eats them). I suppose I could always turn it into a clip though. However she did some very neat overlocking work, and the tiny stitches on the edge holding the lace on were well done.

On a lock of hair:

I really like them! I can't wait to wear them at our next meetup :3

Milanoo: Prepare for unexpectedly lengthy processing time, and understand that what you see (as far as stolen images goes) is not what you get. Avoid the hell out of lace god damn. Custom sizing is recommended for plus-size lolitas. Free shipping deal is pretty sweet, hit that when you can.

Kinki Kitty: Good quality, very well-made :3 super cute!
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