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Theme post: sometimes I make things.

Ok, so I already posted one little picture of this a while ago for a coordinate question, but with the theme of this month being crafts, and with with all the compliments that recieved, I think it's in order for me to show a detailed, progress documentation of my (currently) only Lolita dress.  Enjoy.

This was heavily inspired by children's clothing of the ealry 1870s, and also by a costume buddy who did a (historically accurate) 1870s girl's dress that was just too damn cute.  Here's a breakdown of how it goes from the inside out.

Bustle and Petticoat

Drafted the bustle pattern myself, it's very simple: a few trapezoid shaped panels, dart at center back, waistband, and 3 hoop wire bones pulled into a U shape with ribbon.  The petticoat is loosely based off of th Truly Victorian 1870s underskirt pattern: 5 gores, pleaded back, and extra back length to go over a bustle.   And, of course, ruffles!


Also based on the TV underskirt, with box-pleated trim, Venice lace, and a nifty little pepelum thing (semi-circle with two inverse box pleated so it flares out.  This silk is one of my favorite fabric finds, and evidence of why I LOVE going to the home dec warehouse.  It's a pintucked silk Dupioni, puprle shot teal.  There were seven yards in the remnant bin, and it was also further marked down due to defects (which I have yet to find).  This is why the home dec warehouse is great: they put bigger yardagaes in the rementant bin.  Needless to say, I snatched up all of this, and had a ton of leftovers that I used for an 18th century corset, Regency stays, and I still have a good amount left in my stash.  At least enough for a few pillows.

Finishing touches: bodice and headdress

I did the skirt and bodice seperately.  This is how they did it back then, and it also gives me more options for coordinating or dressing up/down as needed.  I drafted the pattern myself using what I've learned from the Victorian tailoring methods I learned from using so many TV patterns for so long.  It's got double front darts, very narrow back princess seam, and slightly dropped shoulders.  The headdress is really simple: circle, leftover lace, and a bias cut trailing ribbon thing.  It looks weird because I had to use a flash, but you can see more of the purple crossgrain here.

And, Finally, some eye candy:


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