yikyu1991716 (yikyu1991716) wrote in egl,

Looking for themistresslyra? Need some advice....

themistresslyra bought a SS shoe from me and I send her a "un-trackable" #

If the shoe did ship out with REIGSTERED AIR MAIL

the chance of getting lost is really low.

Even thoutgh I  may not be able to privide the correct #, that doesnt mean the shoe did not arrive

I've been sending email, PM,  and try to discuss problem with her

She open the claim but never response, same as email, there is no response

I PM her, no response

While she made a post in EGL  to response her buyers, she never response me

This make me feel that the shoe arrived, but  she hide the truth that the shoe didnt arrive

and she keep the claim open so she can get the money back still.

I am not sure if she is in need of money, but I see that she is running some trouble with her buyers.

but honestly, for most buyers, at least there should be some response

and now, the she even close the PM.

Without any response since she opened the claim, and got the money back,

I feel like she just lie to me that the shoe didnt arrive

If she  really attempt to lie that the shoe never arrive, at least ACT like as if she cares

If the shoe really did not arrive with registered mail,

at least I would give a 1/2 refund, but not FULL refund because I did shipped it out.

What kind of seller will provided full refund as if the seller takes ALL the risk?

and the buyer dont take any risk!?

Question: Anyone can give me some advice of what I can do?? to protect myself as a seller?

Thanks for readginf & giving advice.
Best regard,
Yik Yu


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