Eniko (enichan) wrote in egl,

Quick F+F ordering question

Do they require you to actually respond to their emails to verify that the sizes you gave them were accurate before they start making your order? I was getting a bit impatient and checked my emails to see how long ago it was and noticed this:

"We have received your payment and measurement requirement.
The order would be prepared and shipped within 2 weeks after measurements confirmation.
Once it is shipped, i would inform you accordingly with tracking number of your 3 days arrival UPS/EMS/TNT Express package.

The order would be made as measurements & requirements below:"

Does that mean I need to actually reply to that email and tell them "yes this is what I want" before they actually start working on my order? Seems a bit redundant. I realize I could just email them and ask, but I'd rather hear the answer from someone who doesn't word things so confusingly. This is like the 5th time the way they word stuff is confusing me.

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