Jen-Neko-Han (jennekohan) wrote in egl,

Innocent World Heart Scallop Boot Review

I had ordered a pair of Innocent World's Heart Scallop boots. They ended up costing over $300, but I thought these boots were lovely and I've been looking for a simple pair of boots like these for a long time.

When they arrived I was extremely disappointed. The holes for the shoelaces to go through were not even on both sides, which you can see here and is especially bad on the boot on the right. I've never had a pair of boots or shoes before that had crooked holes for the shoelaces to go through and you can see by the sample photos on Innocent World's webpage that those boots did not have this problem.

There was also a problem with the tongue of both boots. No matter how much I tried to tuck the tongue of the boots into the boot, they were constantly poking out in areas. I'd push one section back into the boot, but that would cause another section of the tongue to pop out which you can see here.

They also seem to be made really cheaply and the inside of cheap replica boots I own are made out of nicer material than these Innocent World boots. But the problem with the tongue of the boots and even more so with the uneven holes was not acceptable for a $300 pair of boots.

Innocent World's return/exchange policy states:

"Please contact us first by email within a week if you would like to return or exchange the shipment:

These are the conditions for return or exchange of merchandise:
-quality complain (stain, hole, scratch)
-the shipment is different from your order

You can only return or exchange new and not worn merchandise."

So I wrote to Innocent World the very day I received my boots and sent them the photos I took of the problem with my boots and asked to exchange them for a pair that wasn't defective. Innocent World's response was:

"Hello, this is shipper Taniguchi /Innocent World. We are sorry but cannot accept the return or exchange because I have shipped your boots checked quality is alike as in our warehouse. I would appreciate about our boots if it could be thought this is a quality item. About the crook, it would look lovely pulling up the tongue when you put on the boots. About the pucker, there are the individual wrinkle in many leather products of Innocent World."

I responded by telling them that the photos on the webpage do not look like that and that if they refused to exchange my boots for another pair that I would like a refund. Innocent World's response was:

"After having consideration, we conclude that there is nothing wrong with the boots as long as they are properly used. Therefore we will deal with this problem, considering that the boots are returned not because of their defectiveness, but because of your personal reasons. It would be appreciated if you could pack them to prevent breakage, and send them back to the following address on your payment in advance. As soon as the product is delivered to us, we will transfer the money you paid into your PayPal account. Please note that mailing cost and transport insurance are not refundable. We are extremely sorry that our product didn't satisfy you."

I responded by saying I would like to be reimbursed for the total cost, including shipping, since the boots were in fact defective and I had originally just wanted to exchange them for a pair that wasn't defective. A week went by without any response so I had to open a PayPal claim against Innocent World and immediately they responded and agreed to refund me the entire total. I shipped the boots back (which ended up costing $10 more than when IW sent the boots to me, so I lost that $10) and had been tracking them. Several days went by without a response or refund from Innocent World. So I had to write them again and ask for my refund and they finally did refund me.

I was just really frustrated with this entire ordeal. The boots look so lovely on the webpage and someone even told me they saw the boots in person at one of the stores and they looked great and not like the pair I had. Sure the crooked holes and tongue of the boot sticking out don't change the fact that you can wear the boots around, but it didn't look very nice and for a $300 pair of boots they'd better look nice! After this ordeal I highly doubt I'll ever be ordering from Innocent World again. Now I'm going to look into these Meta replica boots instead.
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