Miel Dyne (kaibib_angel) wrote in egl,
Miel Dyne

[Oct. Theme: CRAFTS] Beaded Crowns, masks and lolita jewelry

I love to make jewelry and things like these crowns and the mask. It's a small hobby of mine. Sorry about the old pics, but I haven't made anything new for a while. (except for the necklace below, the one with the oval pendant. That one is new.)

This mask was actually for a cosplay, but I don't have any other examples of my work on them, as I gave one to a friend, and the other got trashed before I could get pictures of it. I made one before this, with a cheap plastic mask base, but I also trashed that. This is the best mask I have made. It's made of foam, with gold and pearl acrylic paint, accented with a lovely blue feather, red and white ribbons, and pearls. (It was to go along with a costume 'Prince NiGHTS' who was based off of the character NiGHTS from NiGHTS into Dreams/Journey of Dreams.) I don't think this one can be used with lolita, but it's the only mask I have now.

This crown also went with the 'Prince NiGHTS' costume. I made it by bending and beading craft wire. I don't have pics of it worn. It's 'completed', but just needs some ribbons and a comb to fasten it to my head. The one below it was made for a BJD, but I could make it bigger. It was made for a YoSD type doll, it was crafted so it sat on her little head, without any fastenings.

I made this crown before the above one, using a pattern/tutorial I saw on EGL from one of the Gothic and Lolita Bibles. I did my best, the cross on top spins. xD That wasn't intentional. It also needs ribbons and a comb to hold it to my head. (it might be a little heavy though... I guess that's what the ribbons are for.)

Shadow the Hedgehog models the crown. lol

This choker was made to be the opposite of a red one, but this one I plan to wear with future gothloli outfits... as soon as I get my hands on some nice black fabric. The necklace below it was made for the sake of having more 'gothic' like jewelry. It's as 'gothic' as it can get, as I'm using things that I already have.

I know I shown this one before, but I'd like to show it again, I like it a lot. My sort-of replica of a BABY necklace. I want to get some black beads and make a gothic one. I love dark colors as well as white, red, and pink. <3

Thanks for looking, and see you later! I might try and make some new crowns soon... a gothic one, and a sweet one. I'll try something different when I do, hopefully it'll turn out okay.

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