pinkfrappuccino (pinkfrappuccino) wrote in egl,

Sweet Mid-September Photoshoot :3


These pictures were taken at a local botanical garden a few weeks ago. :3 It's the first time my friend Chrissy (blonde) and I (purple) have posted pictures. :) I'm wearing mostly BTSSB and Chrissy's wearing mostly Bodyline. We met alot of people at the garden, for some reason it was really crowded, and they all commented on our outfits. It was pretty funny, the lady at the admissions took our pictures. xD

Chrissy and Blanchet ^^

Chrissy's doll Blanchet is watching o_o

There is this random Japanese house in the middle of the garden, surrounded by bamboo. The perfect place to take pictures! xD

Us walking through the dramatic D:

Thank you so much for looking ♥ ♥

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