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Help me figure out what the hell I am actually looking for

Right, so, I've lately gotten annoyed by having to wear blouses under JSKS (especially ones styled a la Moitie's halter-style ones), and since I tend to overheat really easily, I've been looking at all-lace tops since they trap less heat while still looking pretty (trust me on this one).

HOWEVER, I don't want big pouffy lace nightmares that Lip Service's Blacklist line had put out in past seasons - I'm looking for something VERY form-fitting (e.g. soft stretchy floral lace like on certain long lace gloves, but in shirt form), long-sleeved, but with a high neck and ruffles at the collar and cuffs. Ideally I can pop them under a JSK really easily and they'll accent the dress nicely, without overwhelming it and keeping me from getting a heat rash. I'm leaning towards a shiro gothic look, so I HAVE divebombed the local goff shops for workable variations, and while I found some immensely form-fitting ones (bless you, Lip Service) that are perfect in terms of fit, they're always in black and always cut in a boob-exposing manner, which my 32As don't appreciate. Thanks for nothing, goths.

Any tips on online shops (mind I live in Canada) or specific keywords to plug into Google so I don't result in grannystyle half-lace floof blouses? D: Or even any seamstresses who can whip up a nice one for a fair price. Anything is appreciated! :)

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