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Hello! i'm a confused lurker. i've looked in the memories, but i don't think i've come across what i'm looking for! So i guess i'll make a new post... (i'm sorry if this has been asked/adressed before, but i'm very bad at searching and very confused...)

i want to make a purchase from Bodyline, and the total right now, including the $20 for shipping, is $114... But i dont understand the whole DHL shipping thing? What are the custom fees? i don't really understand what will happen if i finalize the order.... Will i get like $100 dollars more charged... or something? i'm sorry for my stupidity i just wanna know what i'm doing for sure before i do it!
Also, i cant really tell how long it would take for the package to arrive... So how long does it usually take? To the U.S if it matters....

Thank you in advance, and sorry again if this is stupid... This community is awesome by the way :3

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