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BABY Double Strand Peal-Cross Necklace Replica

It's not exactly a 'replica' since I didn't have a crown, and such... but that's the only thing I didn't have. I really didn't like the crown anyway. I really liked the style, and since it was sold out, I think, I chose to make it myself, since I do jewelry and such all the time. I did this a while ago though.

The original.

My 'replica', worn.

On the display.

I also only had silver-colored charms, and I only had these clear looking glass beads (they have some blue-ish tint) rather than some swavoski crystals like in the original. I might redo it again to add those. Now I have a nice necklace... but how to I wear it anyway? xD I figure I'd have to wear it with a JSK without a blouse, so it doesn't look weird or interfere.

Just thought I'd share. I made other lolita-able items as well, like a beaded mini-crown and others. But I'll make another post as soon as I charge my camera and finish my new crown project. Did I mention that I LOVE pearls? xD

Edit: LJ was giving me a hard time with the LJ cuts... hopefully it works now.

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