[ J e s s i e - L y n n ] (ihave3fish) wrote in egl,
[ J e s s i e - L y n n ]

Picture or Name???

I was wondering if anyone could help me find this dress... 

I don't know the name of it and I can't find any pictures.
Anyways, I'm almost positive it was BTSSB and it had a really unusual silhouette, I wanna think it was almost like a bubble skirt on the bottom with some sort of ruffle. And I think it was blue/pink?? I can't really remember.
Someone had posted a picture of it not too long ago, but after searching through the past two months of entries (and everywhere else on the internet) I still can't seem to find it. The picture was of a girl wearing it on stage at some show/event. So if anyone knows what I'm talking about, that'd be great!

Sorry for bothering everyone with my pointless questions. But it's really been bugging me that I can't find anything on this darn dress!!

EDIT: Answered - Thank you!

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