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QutieLand MoMo Jia & Baby Review

I bought my lolas from them before and the service was excellent so I came back for a dress.

I bought it here

Communication 5/5
I messaged them on the third and true to their word they got back to me within 24 hours :)
They placed my order on the 7th and I payed $698 HKD's

At first I mistook the info thinking it was a small medium or large you could get but they let me know its custom for the particular piece
they replied promptly as always to my messages

Quality 4/5
The sewing on the dress was great, I didn’t find any odd spots, loose threads or snags at all :)
the dress isn’t lined and felt quite light to me but once I got it on my mind soon changed
The skirt is beautiful and full
The waist ties on the back are sewn on so don’t use buttons which is best for me as they tend to fall off easily
The cotton lace at the bottom was pretty frayed and felt a little worn though

Packaging 5/5
It came in a surprisingly compact box and was crammed into there inside of a little plastic bag
it smooshed the little bag and creased the fabric quite a bit but more importantly the dress was protected in there
They marked my package as a gift as well :D

Sizing 5/5
The zip was fine. It was a bit of a struggle to get into with the zip there but fit perfectly
and is so comfy!

The back

and the front :)

Front detail

detachable sleeves


There was a chalk line left on the dress but I really don’t care :) the dress is too lovely to

the bottom here seemed pretty frayed sadly :/

Crumby pics on :)

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