Dahlia (snowhite_dahlia) wrote in egl,

Paypal issues?

Hi girls! I recently bought an AATP Lucky Pack, but I'm having some problems with my Paypal account. I know this isn't directly related to lolita, but the PayPal help-site is such a disaster to navigate so I was hoping someone here would know the answer.

So, when I purchased my Lucky Pack, I accidentally used my checking account (Instant Transfer) to make the purchase - I had intended to use my credit card since I knew there wasn't enough $$$ in my checking account, but since the credit card is my Backup Funding Source I figured the payment would just default to that anyway.

Well, I received an email today from PayPal saying that my back account had insufficient funds (obviously), but they just said that the withdrawal would be attempted again in 3 days and to transfer in the appropriate amount of funds.

Like I said, I can't navigate the PayPal help site to find any suitable answer, so does anyone know why they didn't just charge it to my credit card or how I can get them to charge it to my card?

Should I contact Baby instead? I don't want to end up on their black-list for a no-payment (especially since they've already shipped my stuff!), but I'm not sure if they speak English well enough for me to explain the situation to them.


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