Kari (cerulescence) wrote in egl,

Hawaii lolis: Animals theme

Our October meetup was at our favorite teahouse, Tea at 1-24. The theme was animals, so don't worry if you see the cat and bunny ears. ;)

One of the best things about Tea at 1024 is that they seem to always have something new to look at.

cerulescence in Shirley Temple, Baby, and Antenna

jail_b1rd in offbrand(?)

pauvre_lola in IW and Supparate System

eienmornie in Baby

fourxandxsix in AP and Meta

ki75un3 in homemad? and offbrand

The end of an era. :(

eienmornie's last meetup before moving away. The three of us met at our very first meetup, also held at Tea at 1024, nearly 3 years ago ago.

Most photos by our photographer, ryusen.

Thanks for looking! See you next time.
Tags: events: meetups

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