cameofigure (cameofigure) wrote in egl,

An Invitation

Hello all!

It's been pointed out to me that perhaps not all of the local lolitas are on our local boards, so I'm x-posting this for the sake of any Midwestern lolitas I haven't invited yet. Lolitas from afar who are willing to travel would also be welcome!

This is an open invitation to attend the Dickensian Yule Ball, in Minneapolis MN. The ball will be held in the historic and stately Harrington Mansion, pictures of which are on our site.  We will have live music, caroling, Victorian holiday games, a sumptuous buffet of snacks and desserts, and a silent charity auction, benefiting local literacy initiatives. I'm holding the ball primarily for the lolita community, so it should be a wonderfully frilly event.  You can go to for full details.  I'm posting now because we have a strict limit of 60 guests, and already in August we're 1/4th full.


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