Duplica (duplica_chan) wrote in egl,

traditional outfits- an inspiration

To buy lolita clothing, you have to order from oversea, yeah this is what a lot of people think!
I realized that in Austria, I just have to go a few steps and find the loveliest outfits for lolita, which are mixed with Austrian traditional costumes (called: dirndl)
I wanna share with you my finds. I hope you appreciate these outfits as much as I do!

this is a pic of the shop "Rosen & Co." in Vienna. I wanna visit it next week!

this outfit is from the label "Sportalm"
It reminds me of Juliette et Justine XD

and now some pics of Susanne Bivosky designs, please check her homepage! I could look at these pics for hours!

I love these lon floral gloves!

There are some more at the homepage, but I cannot save the pics from there ;_; please also look at the special section and the interieur... ;_; http://www.bisovsky.com

and then there is Lena Hoschek, who designs a mix between rockabilly and traditional costumes. It reminds me of lolita a lot.

I hope you liked it
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