Rebecca* (puregirlblue) wrote in egl,

Fashionably Late: Closet Post

So when taking things out to take pictures I decided not to include a lot of the boring stuff. I'll try to make a note of what's missing as I go along. If (for some reason) you're interested in a bigger picture, all images link back to my Flickr.


I live in a small apartment with my husband and this is actually the only real closet we have in the apartment. It holds just about everything and I'm lucky that my hubby doesn't have a lot of things to hang (otherwise I would be seriously crowding him out)!


This is the other side of closet where I keep skirts and petticoats hung up. On the shelves are bins with accessories, jewlery, socks, bloomers, and I also keep the wig form and a collection of fake hair as well.


Blouses, cutsews, and sweaters: I actually wear a lot of more casual T-shirt type shirts with skirts more often than I wear blouses. The blouse and cutsew that I wore at Otakon are currently at the cleaners. I have a few light jackets as well, but those and my winter-wear won't be pictured (as it is hot and summery).


Jumperskirts: One is currently at the cleaners and my Meta apron also snuck in this pic for a cameo. ^_~


Skirts: Handmade towards the back, then modified brand, brand and finally punk in the front. I know one (worn at Otakon) is on it's way to the cleaners as well. I didn't bother to picture the petticoats and bloomers.


Socks: I really do need more socks, but it's the kind of thing I like to actually see and "impulse buy" rather than pick out over the web. Off brand towards the back and brand in the front. I know at least one pair is currently in the Loli Hamper (my delicates get their own hamper so there are no laundry-related casualties).


Shoes: Currently waiting on a few pairs to round out the color scheme. I should really get some more shoes too. They look so sparse there!


Purses and bags: I have a weakness for almost every brand stuffed animal purse (and of course they all have names).


Accessories: All brand, I didn't bother to feature the non-brand. I have many casual headbows/headbands and also wear a lot of just plain ribbons when I'm dressed more casually. I also didn't picture any of my jewelry. :/ Sorry!

If anyone is interested in what my actual bedroom looks like, you can see it here (though these pictures are from a bit ago, things might look a little different now):
Fainting Couch

Well that's it! I hope you enjoyed!

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