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A while back some people posted about the adorable Victorian Maiden ripoff (?) Alice in Wonderland bunny bag that would be coming out for Halloween 2009. I signed up for email notification of its availability, and when I got the email earlier this week, I ordered right away. It came today! So fast! So now I will show off the bunny bag in person and do a mini mini review for anyone who might be interested in the bunny.

The image on the website.

Pictures of my bunny:

You may have noticed that this bunny, for some inexplicable reason, does NOT match the bunny in the picture. Eh. I have no idea why, but it's still cute. I'm mad that they would send a different one, in theory, but since I still like this one, it's okay. But the one pictured does look a little nicer, so I'm a little bit "wtf" about it. I think it's a little smaller though, which makes me sad, because if it were bigger it would hold more.

It doesn't hold much, and doesn't have a long strap, making it not very useful for actual use, but I think I may add a longer strap to turn it into a pochette. It will do for club use, even if not ideal. I can fit my club wallet, car key, and phone in it, or I can take only the essentials out of the wallet (ID and money), and then fit that, car key, phone, compact, and gloss in it, which is all I *really* need. I can't fit my handkerchief in no matter what, which makes me sad, and the same for a fan or comb, other things I always have with me. But I can wipe my hands dry on my skirt and I can live without the fan and comb, so it's acceptable.

It can hold these.

Or it can hold these.

It is very cute. It's not really high quality, but since it was under $30 even after shipping, that's not surprising. It's not too bad though. The more I look at it, though, the more disappointed I am that it doesn't match the photo, so I might contact them and see what they say.

Shop where I bought it.

Oh, and one last thing...

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