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**Frugal Loli Closet**

Greetings all! I discovered loli about two years ago and fell in love with it. Then I realized just HOW expensive some of the items were. At the time I was in college and had my own bills to pay (still do) So I decided to dress in the fashion without destroying it's mainstays by creating a handmade and thrift store find wardrobe for myself.

SOOOO! Here is my loli closet on the frugal and thrift shop budget :) If you would like to know where I purchased something specifically or need some tips, leave a comment and I'll post back!  Enjoy!

My shirts and a Vest
(two black shirt's from TJMaxx, Middle eyelet shirt from Thrift store)

My Black Skirts and Apron
(the top right skirt I got from the thrift store, below that I made it, and the two on the left I bought from someone as a set)

MY In the Starlight Petticoats

My Anna House Skirt (purchased used) & Pink Skirt I made

My socks (TJMaxx and Hottopic)

All my headbands (secret obsession) and bows

My Jewelry and Accessories (Yes I LOVE hearts)

And last my girlie obessions...Music Boxes :)
I find the most prettiest ones in thrift stores.

 I hope you enjoyed seeing my stuff!

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