Antique Beast (antique_beast) wrote in egl,
Antique Beast


I'm just wondering if anyone has had any issues with kirakirajenjens heat resistant wigs in terms of curling/straitening?

Today roza_mystica (who is trained in hairdressing) and I went to curl my wig with a normal curling wand. Thank god we set it on low to test the temperature on it, because almost strait after putting it on the ends frazzled and smelled melty. I don't know what would have happened if it was on med-hi (wigs can apparently take up to 350degrees f without an issue according to the sales post) We turned it down lower and tried to curl it, which you can see didnt work either. It just heated it up and made it weirdly pliable and smelly.

I've seen photos of people wearing her heat resistant ones they have curled themselves (see the latest sales post) so I'm confused as to why it would do this. The whole reason I bought this one was so I could curl it, and I was charged the amount for a heat resistant one.

I'm not really sure what to think, and I'm not sure what to do if it does this on low. I guess just not curl it, which makes it kind of a waste.

Has anyone else had issues with this? :(

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