cocoachan (cocoachan) wrote in egl,

I come bareing gifts

Hello my pets!
I have been flip-flopping on this idea for a while but I've come to the conclusion that it is better to give than to receive!
So I have some links for you to enjoy and do with as you will.
1)Victorian Trading Company - this store is fantastic for the livestyle lolitas who need a lined wicker basket to hold your grill tongs or a victorian "gout stool" in your drawing room
2) WeLoveColors - has an array of tights and socks in a wide variety of colors. Perfect for adding something to co-ords, they also have tights in lilac and mint!
3) Art of Adornment - the jewelry at this site is so beautiful, the chockers, the necklaces are so perfect to complement any outfit but the dark glamour is great for moi meme moitie co-ords. Mana would approve!
4) Gothic Rose Antiques - this is perfect for those gothic interior decorators out there. Where as VTC was very classical, GRA is perfect for gothic lifestyle lolitas. Whether you are looking for that perfect seance table or a gargoyle or bulk creepy, eyeless, baby doll heads. They have it!
5) The Kera Shop! - just to let you know the Kera Shop does international shipping now! Yeaasssshhhhh!  Well you have to order through Tenso, but its doable
6) - now I know what your saying and I understand, but besides that fact that it is a lingerie site (but with pretty f*cking fantastic lingerie collections) there are many many good items to use with lolita. Between the fancy undergarments, there are the mini hats, the gloves, and the shoes.
Please enjoy!
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