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Removable sock garters

By Sweet Phaedra


If you want the look of frilly lace topped socks but are not game enough to sew on your new/expensive socks, this is for you!




Approximately 80 – 90 cm x 10 mm elastic in whichever color you desire.

Approximately 1 ½ m of boarder trim




Approximately 1 ½ m of the lace you wish to make up the frilly part

2 m of satin ribbon that fits through the slots in the boarder trim




1. Measure the area below your knee and add 2cm then cut two pieces of elastic from that measurement.


            EG. Around Dolly’s knee is 37 cm + 2 cm = 39 cm so she cuts two pieces of elastic that are 39 cm. She will need approx 80 cm of elastic


2. With the sewing machine place the end of the elastic under the boarder/eyelet trim and with the foot of the needle down pull to stretch the elastic out.



Zigzag stitch on the upper edge of the elastic + trim


This is what it looks when stretched out, when not stretched out it should look all gathered and scrunched.


3. Then thread the satin ribbon through the eyelets; keep some spare to make the central bow!


4. Tuck the frilly lace under the un-sewn part and zigzag stitch it together. No additional gathering of the lace is needed if it’s already frilly and if it isn’t then no matter as it’ll look all right once around your knee. If you wish though gather the lace either during or before sewing it onto the elastic.



It should look something like this


5. Sew the ends together into a ring.


6. with the extra ribbon, either by machine or by hand sew a satin robin onto the front of the garter.




There you have it! These are some pictures of the ones I made using this method. If you have any questions or additions please feel free to contact me through my live journal /users/sweetphaex.



Next tutorial I’m drafting up is one for a short coffin shaped EGL/A/punkish tie and an Aristocrat esque Ascot tie/jabot whatever its called ^_^.

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