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belle_bete/cruxcommissa commision troubles, looking for other people having the same problems.

After reading sleepingapple  very usefull post I finally decided to ask you people for advice. I am waiting for two skirts since January and I am really upset about how long this is taking and really don't know what to do anymore.

In january I commisioned two skirts from
  also known as
. I payed the 12 of January after I made my payment I asked how long it would take him to make my skirts, this was his answer:

thanks for your payment!

to answer your question, it's only an estimate but i'm estimating the middle of february. i'll be sending them out as they're completed so it could be before or after that :) i'll probably work on your crown skirt before then, but i just started gathering the materials for the others so i'll probably start work on them near end of january ;)
if you have any questions you can always email me any time.

I was rather happy with his answer and was looking forward to recieving my skirts. When in April I didn't hear anything from him I emailed him this:

27 April 2009
I would like to cancel my order. The last communication we had was in Januari saying my skirts would be here in february. I did read on lj that you got sick and that there were troubles with fabric and ink. I orderd my skirts in January and payed for them in full and haven't heard anything about an arival date yet. I really wanted yo give you the benefit of the doubt but things are simply taking way to long.

This was his answer:

2 May 2009

i'm sorry i haven't gotten back to your email until now, things have been busy

i know i haven't been sending out emails but i have been updating belle-bete when i can and i have an order status list here:

please check that if you haven't already. i think i need to update it again even though i just did the other day. i have announced it several times that that is where i will be trying to keep people updated because it seemed easiest for everyone, sorry if you might have missed it.

i'm sorry, but i really, absolutely can not accept cancelations. i have accepted a few but long story short, i had a few people lie to me about their situations both recently and in the past, and i simply will not do it anymore. i have been intending on making an announcement about it on my journal but i haven't had time and it's tricky as i don't want to point any fingers or name names :(

i know it has been a really long time and it's frustrating to wait so long, but it's frustrating for me as well and it's really been out of my control. I finally just got ahold of more ink and velveteen to continue work on everyone's skirts *last week* - it has taken forever. please try to see my side as well, i am not sitting here taking joy in not being able to get everyone's stuff out in a timely manner :(

I actually just printed your black chandelier skirt the other day, it's already started...

I decided to give it another chance since he mentioned he already printed my skirt so I thought it wouldn't take that long.
The last update I have is from his lj stating that my skirt is in process, well the fabric is cut, this was on March 30.
I recently saw a sales post from him on the sales com where he was selling bonnets and other stuff. At this point I wondered how he was able to make stuff for this post while my skirts weren't even finished? I left an comment on his sales post that I wanted to know what was going on, but deleted is afterwards because I did not want to stalk his sales post and complain in front of costumers, so instead I did sent him a pm. I am still waiting for an answer. In his sales post he wrote that his gf was sick and that things were troubled once again, I am very sorry for him but my skirts had been promised to be here around February and it is almost August now, I have been waiting for almost half a year!

So yes I am not satisfied with how things are going and I hope that my skirts will eventually arrive eventhough they have to get altered since I lost 15 kilo after ordering them.
Are there more people out there still waiting for their orders?
And what would you advice me to do?

Thanks for reading this and I really hope that things will be fine in the end cos I really don't like making posts like this.


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