Lesley (evilcatsterer) wrote in egl,

So I have this jsk that I bought. It's really freaking cute, and I love it, but I can't really wear it for two reasons--first off, it's an inch or two too small in the back (I can't quite zip it up all the way because of my giant doom ribcage), and I don't really have anything to coordinate it with. My colorscheme for the rest of the stuff I own (the whole four pieces or so ^^*) is dark, mostly black, and this jsk totally isn't.
I initially bought it with the intention of using it as a base to expand my wardrobe a bit, but it's lack of fitting at the moment and my lack of money to buy matching items to coordinate with right now is a bit discouraging.

On the other hand, I'm also having difficulty selling it. After my four weeks is up and I can repost it for sale on the selling community, if it doesn't sell, I think I'm going to try and let it out a bit so that it would actually fit. I haven't taken too much of a look at it yet, as I am trying to sell it, but I may be able to let it out enough to get it zipped up. The only thing I'm worried about is even if I do manage to alter it enough to where I can manage to zip it up all the way, would it be too restricting for movement (for fear of tearing the dress)? Like, I know generally with dresses and tighter tops with no stretch, if they're too tight, it may split in the back if you cross your arms. Would that be the case with a jsk, being that it doesn't completely cover my back like a normal dress/top does?

Second question, and the main reason I'm making this post.. Has anyone had any coordinates featuring jsks (or even OPs) where the dress totally doesn't match what you're coordinating with, and it still manages to work out really well? I mean, I know it would take some experimentation, I'm just curious what unexpected/mismatched-but-still-freaking-fabulous coordinates you guys have done?
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