Emma-Lsa Jane Hill (em-j, Emily bunny, Rabbitwolf) (em_jh) wrote in egl,
Emma-Lsa Jane Hill (em-j, Emily bunny, Rabbitwolf)

Shopping for UK lolis

Its myself again. Today I hit my local shopping centre with the boyfriend and his dad in tow.
For under £50 I managed to find the following items in the sales. (I will post photos once back home!)
* a white high fastening blouse with ruffles round the neck £7 New Look
* a black and white gingham shirred top dress (JSK style) the shoulder straps are very narrow and I'm thinking of replacing them or wearing the dress without them showing as it stays in place well £7 New Look
* Clear plastic with black lace trim and polka dots umbrella £7 New Look (The boyfriend bouth this for me!)
* a blue and off white check/tartan-esque skirt with shirred wasit and button details £6 International
* Black over the knee socks with black lace and bow detail £3 International

There were other socks and hairbands in International which I didn't purchase.

Also Littlewoods currently have 2 "tutu" skirts. I think these would work very well as petties, instead of importing from Japan. They can be found here and here.

But to remind all UK lolitas this is a great time to be looking in stores for dresses, skirts and blouses as the summer sales are on! There are some wonderful skirts and dresses that can be made very loli with a very small about of work if any!

As stated I'll post photos once I'm back home and have the camera cable.
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