Karla Marx (evilchick) wrote in egl,
Karla Marx

La Dauphine Order Experience - Shop Closed?

Back in June, I tried to order a skirt from La Dauphine. The skirt never came and Victoria never responded to e-mails. Ultimately, I opened a PayPal claim, which was resolved in my favor after the seller failed to respond to any of the notifications and requests for information. 

At the time of the order and as of the time of the post, there is no notification that Victoria has closed the shop or gone on hiatus. Perhaps one of these is the case and is an open secret of which I was not aware (though lj seek of this community did not turn up anything), or perhaps my situation is unique and was simply an oversight (though that seems unlikely, in light of the lack of response to the e-mails from me and from PayPal). 

In any case, I just wanted to warn anyone else who had considered buying from the site. As I said, it may be widely known that Victoria is not mainataining the store, but so long as the site is up, anyone who has seen her featured in the Gothic Lolita Bible or otherwise stumbles on to the shop can still place an order.  The PayPal claims process is fair and reasonable, but I still would have preferred to not to waste my time. 

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