always keep the faith (shikonira) wrote in egl,
always keep the faith

Kind of vague authenticity check xD

Hi all <3 I just have a quick question about an item that I have.

The item is a tote bag that bought on LJ when I first started getting into lolita about two or three years ago. It was advertised as a BTSSB brand, and it's kind of an carnation pink colour with dark pink (almost fushia) letters on it that says "GOD SAVE THE LOLITA", and I think a crown somewhere on it? The letters are screen printed on, and the actual fabric of the tote is really thick and nice quality. It doesn't have any kind of label on it anywhere.

I know that the POUR LOLITA line for BTSSB's catch phrase was God Save the Lolita, but I don't know that this was an actual product of this line? I got it when I was still new and naïve to the whole lolita world. I'll post pictures of it once I'm back at my house tomorrow and I can find it xD

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