The Complaint Hole (spank_d) wrote in egl,
The Complaint Hole

Two stupid questions.

I ordered this skirt from F+F. I did NOT notice how long it was...I just measured it against myself and the skirt will be almost mid calf! Urgh! Is there anyway I'll be able to fix this without screwing it, do you think if I took it to a tailor she could fix it? Or will it just look bad? =(

Of course, it might come in the perfect length, but I doubt that after reading about F+F making many things far too long... =( I wasn't worried because custom stuff I ordered ages ago was always perfect! I'm just so sad cause the skirt is so cute, and lovely for what it is. And I don't think I'll look good in a longer skirt (not in loli, at least)


Secondly, I was wondering why Baby stopped their night/underwear line? They had so much cute stuff (thought expensive even for brand, iirc)and yet they don't even have a link for it on the site anymore!
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