artemiscangee (artemiscangee) wrote in egl,

International Lolita Meet-up Tokyo Japan Aug 4th!

Hello all and welcom to my final reminder post for this meet up! We are leaving for Japan tomorrow so we may not be able to contact you again until the meet up though I will check my e-mail/messages the day before just in case!

We do not necessarily have to stay in Harajuku even though we are meeting there! Recent Picture of Both of Us so you can find us.

Where: McDonalds Harajuku- main drag! (Takeshita St)
When: Tuesday Aug 4th 12:30 p.m.
What: Open to suggestions!

These are the people I have attending so far!
1. artemiscangee +1
2. xonii18
3. kagitsune
4. on_a_motorbike +1
5. harlekini +1?
6. milktea16

If you are unsure if you are going I can add you to the list but since I have no way of contacting you please be aware that if you are not on time we may leave you behind! I'm really sorry if that happens and we will try to wait a little bit for those of you that are late ^_^

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