Shu (xmidarex) wrote in egl,

more closets!

Shoes are from Secret Shop. Other than another pair of white Antenna MJs, I don't have any other shoes from lolita brands.

The pictures ended up a little small, but I hope you still enjoy them!

I really should get more blouses.
Left: Anna House
Right: BABY

Marie Antoinette is my favorite print, the blue version was my dream dress! But now life feels extremely empty without something brand to covet (just kidding D:).

The MM dress was going to be my prom dress, since the theme was fairytales, but I ended up wearing a JD dress to it instead.
Left: Mary Magdalene
Center: BABY Stained Glass
Right: ETC

I tried to attach a wide angle lens to my camera, but it's not really made for playing around with lens, hence the vignetting. Removed it after this photo xD The hanger I'm using to put 3 skirts on comes in really handy when I'm out of rack space, since lolita skirts are so voluminous.

Top left, clockwise: Anna House, Meta, Meta and BABY.

Moitie Chandelier deserves its own picture xD. I wanted the JSK version for the longest time, but I missed it every single time it came up in this color, so I settled for the skirt instead :(

My one and only bolero, from Innocent World. It fits like a charm and is so simple, yet gorgeous! It was awesome since I was wanting a similar one from BABY, but couldn't ever get my hands on one despite stalking auctions for weeks on end.

Here's the more punk side of my wardrobe.
Above: Sexy Dynamite Queen (aka infamous Nana dress)
Left: SPR
Center: h.Naoto Blood.
Right: BPN. This one comes in really handy for wearing with skirts during summer.

I stuff my pettis above my other clothes so they don't get squished, my closet is too packed.

This little umbrella is from H&M! It has frills along the outer edge and a nice fake leather(?) handle. Bought the rose hairties to put on it (I have short hair, that's all I use it for) so at least it looks cuter when in storage.

Hair things. The first three from the left are all for Forever21, and the others are off-brand. I store these in Ikea's square Komplement boxes, and they fit perfectly.

And now I shall shamelessly plug my poupeegirl, for anyone who wants to see anything else I own. :D
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