Anacrisi (banana_butter) wrote in egl,

If you wanna participate in the ATC thing, read this!

The due date is September 10th! Get drawing people! XP

Alrighty, since there seemed to be a decent amount of responses to my last post ( regarding ATCs, I’ve decided to make another regarding rules and such. If you have any other questions that are not covered here, please post them to the original thread.

Sorry it took me so long to make a follow up, things have been hectic. @_@

Please, ONLY respond to this post if you are almost completely fairly certain that you will be making a card to send out. Think of this entry as some sort of role call. ONE WEEK after this is posted, I will no longer be accepting people to enter to send out and receive an ATC.

The rules are simple: Create an image, of your own work, on a support that is 2.5 X 3.5 inches, the size of a standard trading card. This can be acrylic, watercolor, marker, colored pencils, etc, or a HIGH QUALITY digital printout of your own work, created especially for this swap. Obviously there are tons more mediums you can do this in. Pastel, crayon, whatever you want! The image can run horizontal or vertical. The only restrictions are, if you are doing a collage, make sure there is nothing law-breaking involving a copyright of the photographs involved, other than that, roam free with whatever you’d like to do with this!

One thing that had been brought up to me is digitally printing them out. If you're doing them digitally, you'll have to print them out, but I think it would be kind of a cheap shot if someone doing them digital did like, 5 printouts of the same card, and got 5 different, hand-made traditional cards back. I think it wouldn't fair that way. So, each card must be different, and if doing them digitally, the artwork must have been made especially for the swap. No pieces that you’ve made before, please. I want the impression your best effort was out into this!

Since this is the first time we’ll be doing this as a comm, I’m putting down a very general theme, which will, obviously be, Lolita. So that gives a lot of leeway as far as what the content of your card will be. If we ever choose to do this again, themes will be set into place, to help challenge and motivate participants.

You may do as many cards as you’d like. The more you make, the more you will receive back.

The back of each card, MUST include these things for the sake organization. In this order, it must include:

“Title of piece”
Name you would like to go by
Address it is coming from (should be the same you want a card sent back to)
Livejournal username
A little message if desired
Signature if desired

You may also choose to number your card, in the TOP RIGHT hand corner.

I’ll be opening a P.O. box soon for various reasons, but from now until a week from now, you can respond to this post if you wish to participate. After that, you will have about a month, possibly a bit more, to complete your card, about halfway through that month, I will post another entry including the address to send them too, and to remind you of the due date. When being sent, the cards must also be accompanied by a self addressed, self-stamped envelope, to ensure you will receive one back. They will be sent to me, and I will mix them up and send them back, making sure you don't get your own back. That's it. =O

This will be open to people overseas, obviously you won't be able to provide American postage, so I will cover that, so to make things easier on me, just everyone PLEASE remember a self addressed envelope, and if your in the states, stamp them please!

That's all, and if anyone has any questions, etc, please don't hesitate to let me know! I want as many people to get to participate as possible!

Good luck, have fun, and get to drawing! XD
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