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Secret Shop Important Notice(30/7 Details Updated)

Secret Shop Important Notice
- Warehouse Cleanup
- Special Color Order Delay Delivery

Hi Girils,

We have received two important notice from Secret Shop. Details as follow:

1. Warehouse Cleanup
From the management department order, Secret Shop noticed us they got to carry out a warehouse cleanup from the mid of August.

As ours (QutieLand) customers still have quite a lot of shoes which have not been delivered, and all of them are still keeping in their warehouse at least a month or even longer time already. Secret Shop request all shoes got to leave there before 15/8. Any shoes which have not been left the warehouse before 15/8 will take as cancel order, and deposit won't be refund in that case.

From our record, we have send out final invoice to all of the girls who have order / pre-order shoes from us before. But we didn't hear any feedback from them for quite a while already. Due to the request from Secret Shop of the warehouse cleanup, we will re-inovice to those girls who still have not paid the final invoice. If we didn't hear from them before 15/8. We will just assume that they want to cancel their order and deposit won't be refund in that case.

For those girls who have pre-ordered Secret Shop Shoes from us and request combine shipping on the other items that's available later, we will request for the final payment for the shoes which are ready and stock in the Secret Shop warehouse right now. So that we can move them to ours Shipping Centre first and wait until the other items are ready and combine ship together.

If any of you have questions regarding to the shoes order / pre-order from us before and have not paid the final invoice, please contact us ASAP.

1. For those girls who have been effected, we will send e-mail one by one to double cofnrim with you. And you can also contact us if you have questions on that.
2. For the shoes "will" deliver at the end of Aug and after, they won't be effected by this warehouse cleanup. So don't worry about that.

2. Special Color Order Delay Delivery
Lot of girls joined ours group order on 5 Special Colors of Tea Party Shoes before, detail as follow:

Secret Shop Shoes Special Colors X 5 Group Order

We have just received the notice from Secret Shop, due to the tight existing production schedule, ours Special Color Group Order delivery time would be bit delay to Oct. The exact delivery date would be firmed later.

We are trying to discuss with them to get the delivery time as early as possible. Further details will be updated after firmed.

Extra notice regarding to QutieLand ourselves.

QutieLand Working Trip 13/8 - 27/8 Notice

If you have further questions on that, please let us know.


QutieLand - QQ & Billy

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