irohamomiji (irohamomiji) wrote in egl,

An Introduction of sorts...

So I recently decided to become serious about  "going" Lolita. I've loved Lolita for about 7 years though. I really like sweet (like AP and Meta) and Classic (like VM and IW). I decided that I would dress in Lolita every school day this year. This commitment also got me to finally get a LJ. I'm a little poor from purchasing some start up items (Bodyline) and a serger.  However, hopefully I can sew enough things to make up for it . Just wanted to introduce myself officially.

I'm also going to my first meet up in 2 weeks so i'm super excited.

Also I have some fabric and I was wondering what you guys/gals think?

I got this one from my Aunt in Nigeria. It's 5 yards and 100% cotton. It's called sukhothai style print. I have no idea where it was originally made.

This is 4 yards of a really cute print I found at walmart. The lace and trims are 100% cotton. I'm thinking Jumper Skirt and skirt.
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