TheMistressLyra (themistresslyra) wrote in egl,

Late Closet Meme

I finally jumped on the bandwagon, Be warned, I'm slowly trying to acquire more Brand, its just taking a long time.

Blouses/Cutsews - All Offbrand

Corsets: Both FairyGothMother

Dresses - My only JSK, by Baby, well, until I finish paying off this.

Coverups - Both offbrand, though the caplet is vintage

Skirts -

L>R: Bodyline, Meta, Bodyline

L>R:  Bodyline, F+F, Bodyline

Shoes - I love HBS. Top, L>R: Montreal, Bodyline; Bottom, L>R: Bodyline, Bodyline, Baby

Socks - Top: SockDreams; Left To Right: Offbrand, AP, Meta, Bodyline, Bodyline

Bags - The heart shaped one used to be the top part of  a Bodyline skirt. I turned it into a bag. The second is AP

Headdresses - Clockwise from top: Meta, Bodyline, AP, Meta

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