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July theme : closet showcase

welcome to my room ^^

I live in studio room with my husband.
sometimes I feel like I live in a closet not in house I try to organize my lolita stuff as much as I can but it looks quite massy
....yes I know my husband keep complaining that he has tiny place to keep his cloths

pink pink dresses >.<
from the left bodyline, korean indies brand, also korean brand Mew, Innocent world

I love blue roses printing!!
Baby, Innocent and more Innocent world

I'm also big fan of metamorphose antique bucket series
I'm collecting them if the desgin and colour are not too strange for me
the dark green one on the left is my frist metamorphose JSK
recently I bought the cape along with that JSk from japan yahoo auction I'm so happy!!

When I start to wear lolita, most of my clohts were black
but I sold of most of them because I'm changed to flower printing
middle one is from korean indie brand "HPBN(" which is one of my favorite brand
I can wear it as top dress too
left one is metamorphose, right one is baby

I also like sailor dress a lot!
For this summer, I ordered my own desgin sailor dress
this is really pretty but picture is bad.. T.T
right one is of course, it's metamorphose

my handmade JSKs

Winter JSK and coat
this red coat from also korean indies brand called "Marchen die Prinzessin(http://"
(where I order my sailor dress)
very warm and pretty red color coat though in the picture it isn't.. T.T
left one is my dream metamorphose JSK + coat
when I decieded to be a lolita, I thought this is very very pretty dress but I never thought I acturally buy it!!
but I did!!!! >.<

and etc color dress.. ^^
now I can see that most of my lolita dresses come from Innocet world

my blouses..
from the left, japanese vintage, metamorphose, innocent world, off brand, baby, bodyline and korean indie brand

I don't have any skirts. I just prefer jsk or onepeice I guess

my bags~~
sadlly I don't have any lolita brand bags cuase they're quite expensive lol
2 straw bags are handmade by me ^^

head items and ribbons
some of them are handmade ^^

lolita shoes
I think white shoes are easy to match any color of lolita dresses

ok.. that's it!
I took thoese pictures a week ago so some of dress are not in picture or some of them are already find new owner

I wish I move to new apartment soon and have closet room really
my small studio room is full or my dresses >.<
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