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Spanish Lolitas in Japan!!

On last April a few Spanish lolita friends and I travelled for the first time to Japan. We had a blast there!:D

I won't write a huge report here since that'd be too long, but if anyone's interested in reading more about our experiences there's links to the posts on my LJ at the end :3

I'm afraid this post will be a mess but anyway, on to the pictures~!

Candy, Choco and Paola in front of Marui One~

On Tuesday 14th it was Choco's b-day but as our Japanese friends couldn't meet that day we went shopping instead :D
It tooks us a while to get to Closet Child Shinjuku, which is in a very small building and looks like this (picture from another day, taken with a wide lens):

I didn't like too much the sweet floor so I went to the gothic one, and that was heaven XD

On the next day we met with our friends to celebrate Choco's b-day at Sumire no Tenmado!

From left to right: Fumiko-chan (Atelier Pierrot and Chantilly designer), Choco, Candy, myself, Aurelie, Tsubaki Torii (Garasu no Kotorisha artist) and Paola.

With beautiful Sachi!!<3 She made a banana cake, it was delicious *_*

The Tenmado's pretty hidden in a tiny street like this XD

We spent most of the next day looking for our hotel in Hatagaya (we got lost D:)

In the middle of nowhere~x_x!

This is what the room I shared with Choco looked like:

Clothing mess!

On Friday 17th we met with Mariko Suzuki (KERA Maniax chief editor, I met her two years ago in Barcelona for a street snap) and went to their office. She had told me she wanted to do some kind of interview/meeting, which turned out to be a Japanese Lolita feat. Western Lolita thing :P
She took us to a meeting room (I felt very weird there dressed in Lolita!), and we waited for a while there 'till everyone came: Hijiri (Alice and the Pirates Laforet manager & designer), Misako Aoki, and Unu (who's a living doll).

From left to right: Candy, Choco, Paola, myself
Unu, Misako, Hijiri

Before the proper interview they took us to a park nearby to do a snap shoot. We were a little nervous x_x!

The interview/discussion was quite long (about 3 hours) and we talked about a lot of things. They were quite interested in knowing more about the western lolita world, so among other things I told them about the EGL comm and they were very surprised and pleased :D they didn't expect us to be so many!
The interview should be either in the next vol. of the G&L Bible or Kera Maniax, I'm not too sure. Anyway, please read it if you can!^^
I think it's important that they're starting to acknowledge us, maybe the next thing will be a mag in English? who knows!

Candy wearing Angelic Pretty~<3

Myself with an Atelier Pierrot skirt and Chantilly bonnet :D isn't it gorgeous?<3
They made us draw something and we had no idea what to do XD therefore, the messy drawing~

LOL, Candy loves Unu XDD she's her ultimate fashion idol and almost fainted when she saw her coming into the room!

Hijiri!!!<3 *swoons* I've had this fashion-crush on her for so long XD

Unu-chan!<3 When we were asked for our fashion idol, she said what inspires her are Imai Kira's drawings. She can't wear Lolita daily as she studies Graphic Design and has to carry heavy stuff around so it's not comfortable, and to the question of "what's Lolita for you? Is it only a fashion?" she answered "For me, fashion and self-expression are the same" :3

I'm breaking the Angelic Pretty combo x_x oops!

This was the meeting room:

When we were going out of the building we suddenly noticed a punk girl smoking a cig lying against the wall... Uri!!! We were all excited and told Mariko and she went to talk to her, who was like "ooooh!! Kawaii!!!" with a super punk baddass voice, hahaha! She's so hot!XD

After the meeting when Misako and Uri left on the model-bus (we called it that way since it was full of Kera models), we said goodbye to Mariko and went to Harajuku :D

Oops, auto-focus x_x


We got out of the KERA office around 4:30PM or so, but it got late very quickly! We had time to pay a visit to Laforet though, and at Angelic Pretty we met the awesome Candy!:D (the Tokyo manager, who we met at last year's Japanexpo Paris) She recognized us and went all excited and phoned Maki, who came from wherever she was just to see us! She's so sweet ;_; <3

They even gave us some gifts: a pair of socks, a postcard and some pins and some Cherry Berry Bunny chocolate!*_* <3

On Saturday we met with Fumiko-chan in Ginza, who gave me a gift:

A Chantilly dress!! She said it was "payment" for the pictures I had taken for her brand with the bonnet a while ago, and asked me to take some more with this dress. She's such a sweet girl, it almost made me cry!<3

Later we went to visit my friend Aran, who works at an art gallery there. She's a great artist as well!:D

Aran, myself and Fumiko-chan~

Maybe some of you will recognize Aran? She has modelled for some magazines (like the G&L Bible)

As Aran had to work, we said bye to her and headed for Masaru Shichinohe's exhibit!:D

With Masaru Shichinohe and Kokusyoku Sumire <3

The art gallery was very small, but his artworks were absolutely beautiful *_*
Kokusyoku Sumire were going to play a few songs there, so we sat and waited. I had never seen them play live, and during Karen I had to try very very hard not to start crying 'cause it would have been very embarrasing and I would have ruined my black mascara, and I couldn't open my bag for a tissue paper without making noise XD
Anyway, I loved being there, it was very special. It all felt very indie lolita!<3

She's so beautiful!!

We gave her a gift (her B-day was in a few days but she'd be in France):

Later we went to a doll exhibit/café, and Fumiko showed us around Ginza~ it was extremely... full of expensive places XD she took us to the Shiseido art gallery, and then to a cute cafe:

She must be the most adorable girl on Earth.

Choco and Candy worshiping my sacred Chantilly bonnet :P

On the afternoon we went to Harajuku and met Tsubaki Torii at a cafe where two girls were going to play:

Koto, on the right, was the lyrical vocalist. She was super cool *_*~  the other cute girl played the piano!
The name of the band's エトワリジオン (etoilision), their music was very cool!

After the concert, we were invited to a B-day party at the same café :D it was full of super cool girls wearing Jane Marple and ETC!<3


My crush at the party, Kaguya! Tsubaki was talking about her to Choco and was like "she, er... he" lol XD she was the prince of the place!

I look super happy XDD

Choco with Tsubaki and Hikari (aka Garasu no Kotorisha). I love Hikari's fashion style! She makes a lot of her clothes.

Everyone was so well dressed!:D

After we left, while walking around Harajuku I saw a big group of girls dressed in Angelic Pretty wearing huge wigs: it was Unu and her friends!*_*

From left to right: Sae, Jyuna, Unu, Takura, Reiko, Maika and Momochi~
I was extremely happy to see them :D Takura's my fashion idol!<3

The next day I went shopping to Shinjuku with Paola (I can't remember what did Choco and Candy do)

Red Riding Hood in Tokyo :P


On Monday 20th we took a train to Osaka :D not many pictures from there since they aren't too interesting lolita-wise.
We visited the Cyperous wig store! I recommend you going if you're around Osaka, it's great :D the man there was very nice, he said they might open their international service again soon.

Weirdest love hotel ever: Chapel Christmas!

Kyoto was very beautiful! Too bad it rained the whole day :(

Those kids wanted a pic with us :P

We found a huge Buddhist cemetery next to Kiyomizu~

These are some schoolgirls from Amagasaki we met there :D they were so nice!

The next day we went to Amemura for more shopping~ no pics though since I didn't take my cam with me :/ too heavy!
On the afternoon we took the train back to Tokyo. We didn't have time to change clothes so we went all dressed-up XD

Travelling in style!

On Thursday 23rd we went to Akihabara!!<3

Choco and Paola with Candy and her bf :3

Silly Zoolander's Magnum look 8D

I wore my Meta uniform to remember my otaku days when I was a teen XD

We found a lolita there :D Ichigo Millefeuille triplets!

We went to a maid cafe (expensive but worth the experience :P), and then Candy and her bf went sightseeing and we decided to go to Shibuya.

Being silly at the HMV store XD
(yes, people were staring. A lot.)

And then we got bored and went to Harajuku to eat some delicious crêpes <3 and take some puri!

We got addicted to purikura while in Japan! Some of the puris we took:


We spent the next day shopping and hanging out at Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Harajuku :3

I love my friends XD <3

Myself in front of Marui One. Paola made that skirt for my last b-day!<3

She was so cute!<3

We also met Imai Kira that day! They were selling some art and indie stuff at Marui One (we had been there already a few days ago), and she was there by chance. So while we were all nervous after seeing her in front of us (she hadn't noticed), she saw us and came with some flyers and said "my art!^___^" so I told her in awful (but understandable XD) Japanese that we loved her art and had already bought postcards and her calendar, but we bought another postcard anyway for her to sign it *__* she was so kind and cute!! (and it was a complete surprise meeting her there, we were extremely lucky!!)

The next day was the opening of Closet Child's floor renewal season-thing so we went there very early~ we didn't buy much though

Paola molesting me in my new dress.

She's wearing Algonquins!:D

On Monday 27th we went to Tokyo Disneyland with our friend Izumi! I have no words to describe how awesome it was, I envy you girls in LA and Paris for having one there!XD
It was my first time in Disneyland, so I wanted to go all frilly and pink and princessy. I was very lucky to find that AP pink dress at Closet Child, it was perfect!:D Paola and Choco chose to go more casually dressed since they wanted to run around and be comfortable.

That girl in the middle is Izumi, aka the most beautiful goth girl in the world.

Choco's hoodie and petti-skirt are from ManiaQ, a spank-ish store :D

Fairy godmother!:D Yay!

Some of the pictures I'll post were taken by Izumi, therefore the stuff written on them~

I love that castle *_*

We went to see a show, "Minnie Oh! Minnie" that was extremely bizarre, featuring samba and latin songs:

...and then they started playing the Macarena and we all danced to it full of Spanish pride XD

This is Yurikago, Izumi's friend *_* she came later!!

Yurikago and Izumi looking dashing <3

Myself photographing stuff~

The parade was awesome!! 

Amazing dress:

Look at the bunny it its house. AP should totally release a dress like that.

She was too cute XD

*I censor my face 'cause it'd scare you*

I'm sure this is our most awesome picture from Japan XDDD we look like a crazy circus, lol

Micro Adventure sucked but those glasses were amazing.

Bye bye Disneyland!

On Tuesday 29th we went for the 2nd time to Christon Cafe (Shinjuku). The place is absolutely wonderful!!!<3

The Bible aka the menu

Food! (which wasn't very good, btw XDD;)

On our last day in Japan we went to the Harajuku dolls exhibition at Laforet museum:

Angelic Pretty dolls!

My fav <3

Paola and I decided to stay around Harajuku since we had mostly only seen Takeshita and that stuff x_x
While walking down Omotesandô some guys took pictures of us for a Youtube Mobile video, and later this girl who had been looking at us came with her friends and took our picture as well. I'm pretty sure I've seen them somewhere, but I can't remember where o_O

Looking for the Spank me! store I finally saw Jingu Bashi:

Empty! Paola and Choco went on a Saturday and told me it was empty that day as well :/

We spent the last hours there eating a crêpe and watching the marvellous way of closing their stores in Harajuku:

??? XD

And the next day we took our flight back to Spain and came back to reality.

It was an awesome trip :D we were very lucky being able to meet so many wonderful people!!
If you're curious about how did things happen/want to know more/see more pictures, you can read these other posts on my LJ~

First part
Second part
Last part

Thanks a lot for looking!!<3


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  • Unreleased Items You Wish Were Released?

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